Villa Rosé Display by Averna Homes

In the heart of South Perth, Averna Homes’ Villa Rose stands as a pinnacle of luxury, a testament to meticulous design and unwavering attention to detail. This architectural masterpiece seamlessly blends modern elegance with timeless design, creating a sanctuary of comfort and style. Zanda Architectural Hardware played a crucial role in enhancing the grandeur of Villa Rose by supplying a range of exquisite Graphite Nickel door hardware that seamlessly integrates into the opulent design of this extraordinary residence.

Key Products:​

Duke Graphite Nickel Door Furniture Range:

  • Establishes a consistent, refined aesthetic throughout Villa Rose.
  • Timeless design & finish ensures a seamless transition from room to room, contributing to a luxurious living experience.
  • Quality assured with 15 year warranties on mechanism and finish

Front Door Statement:

Verve Flush Pull Range:

Adds modern elegance to Villa Rose with Graphite Nickel finish, yet ties in with other door furniture selections within the home.

  • The 200mm 1269 Verve Lock Kit on external lockable doors ensures security along with aesthetics.
  • 5320 Flush Pull Kit on internal cavity doors offer both functionality and aesthetic cohesion.

Round Profile Pull Handles:

A versatile and simple option for any internal doors, serving as stylish access points and contributing to the overall luxurious theme of Villa Rose.