About Us – 165 years of ‘wow’

Zanda Architectural is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality door and cabinet hardware.

Our family business history goes back over 165 years, with the immigration of Frederick Wallis from England in January 1854. With his brother Charles, he set up an award winning and patented gas stove business exporting products all over the world. See the picture on the left showing the Wallis Bros & Co factory and staff.

In about 1880 Frederick’s son, James John Wallis, moved to Western Australia and set up one of WA’s largest cool drink manufacturing facilities called Golden West. See picture middle left. In 1958 Arthur Wallis, James Wallis’s son, sold Golden West to Coke and purchased Nuroof WA PTY LTD. Nuroof was was founded in 1927 and, at the time, was Perth’s premier roofing specialist.

Ever since, our family businesses have been serving the needs of architects, specifiers, interior designers, builders and end users. Zanda has continued to build on this long and illustrious history of service. In the process it has revolutionised its customer offering. Our exquisitely designed products cater to all luxury tastes and requirements making product selection a dream for specifiers.

Goods are dispatched within two hours of receiving the order which has set a new benchmark in the industry. There are distributors in all States and Territories who stock and display the full range. We also have an extensive display at our head office in Perth, WA.

Wow at every touch point

Our core value is ‘wow at every touch point’. If there are over 250 touch points in a business or service provider, then surely every touch point needs to exude quality. If each touch point is to be superlative, then every facet of an operation must be a concomitant component of the final good or service. You can read about touch points here.

Quality is the animus of uncompromising passion. It’s the culmination of art and intellect. Its metier is perfection and those who behold its lustre are recherché indeed. True quality is forged on the anvil of artisan-ship; It speaks to the senses and captivates the heart. Its voice rings out through the ages and its legacy is preserved forever.

The nub of quality hinges on the senses. Sense is the Nexus between touch, sight and sound. You touch it and you feel exhilaration. You see it and you comprehend excellence. You hear it, and it’s the sound of superior design and ingenuity. That’s the essence of quality.

In our business the most important touch point, of course, is the handle! Indeed, the door handle, one of the smallest of architectural elements, can exert the most powerful of impacts. Architecture is usually seen as an art expressed through space and light, as if it were somehow apart from our bodies.

 Architectural Integrity

It is therefore our sense of touch which introduces us to the building. And it is the weight, solidity and texture of the handle which guides us across the threshold. It also gives us our first impression of the architecture. Like the building itself, the handle is not a static object but a small piece of sculpture which bears the traces and memories of use and the lives of those who have touched it.

Our commitment is to complement the fine art of architecture in everything we do. That is why Zanda’s exquisite range is designed ‘in house’ and manufactured to the highest standards of quality. It is also why every one of our handle designs can be traced back to an architectural influence. Be it the toil of a Potenti, the genius of a Wittgenstein or the patience of a Gropious. The finest architectural traditions are seen in our handles one and all.

Call the friendly staff at Zanda on our free call number for further information. T 1300ZANDA1 (1300926321) or view further details at www.zanda.com.au

Our new state of the art facility is pictured above and is located at 17 Meares Way, Canning Vale, Western Australia. The insets below shows part of the extensive warehouse and bottom right, our brand new advanced display board manufacturing facility. We also have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.