Door Hardware FAQ’s

What is the most secure lock for my front door?
How do break-ins happen?
What is a mortise style lock?
What are the benefits of a Mortise Lock
Do I need a professional installer?
The cost of a mortice lock is slightly more than a tubular latch - is it worth it?
How do I fit a door handle?
Tell me about hinges? What are the options?
What is the benefit of using Zanda hardware throughout?
What are the hardware issues I should consider?
Is there a standard kit for front door entries that contain everything needed?
What about pivot doors that have no hinges?
What about door locks? What do I need to know?
What are the insurance requirements for locks?
Can I have the same key for my door and window locks?
Who fits the hardware?
What is the correct height to fit locks and hardware?
What screws should I use?
Does brass tarnish and how do I care for it?
Will stainless steel stain?
Can I stop tea staining of my stainless steel in the first place?
How do I remove tea staining from my stainless steel?
How do I care for Zinc alloy?
How do I take care of powder coated surfaces?
What finishes are available?
What is a Micronised finish?
Finishes - can they vary?
What about electronic locks?
Do hardware requirements vary according to the style, swing or number of doors?
What warranty applies to hardware items?
What type of interior door handle do I need for a bathroom door?
Do you have a goods return policy?
Are there things that I can do to make my front door more secure?
How consistent are your leather finishes?
How do I calculate euro profile cylinder lengths?
What is the backset dimension?
My door is thicker than standard, can I use Zanda hardware?
What is the lock centre dimension?
What size are your lever handle roses?
Are fixings supplied with handle sets?
How are pull handles fitted?
Can leather or timber hardware be used externally?
Dark Bronze is a ‘living’ finish. What does this mean?
Can you customise products or manufacture to my design?
What is a centre-to-centre measurement?
What is a push button (integrated) privacy lever handle set?
Will your lever handles work with my existing locks and latches?
Do your cabinet handles match the finish of your door handles?
Do you deal direct with the Public?
Do you have a showroom?
What are your opening hours?
Do all handles include a latch?
What are your lead times?
When will my order arrive?
I need an urgent delivery for tomorrow - can you help?
Do you have a catalogue?
What is a key overide
How do I know what the architectural styles of your handles are?