What is a Micronised finish

A Micronised finish is the highest quality of polishing or smoothing that can be carried out on the metal (or substrate material ) prior to the final surface coating being applied. It is a very specialised process and is only used as a methodology on the very best quality handles. A Micronised finish is a much longer polishing process as there are a number of different stages of the process using finer and finer grit grades.

The advantages are that the final product is beautifully finished, is much smoother and is far more corrosion resistant. With many handles, they corrode because of porosity (tiny holes in the surface of the material) that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In poor quality handles, porosity can sometimes even be seen! Porosity allows the moisture from the environment or our hands to enter and because of the inherent acid resident, the handles corrode. Micronisation prevents this from occurring. All Zanda handles that come with a lifetime warranty have a Micronised finish.