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The ever popular D Cabinet Handle can often be found on the kitchens and cabinets of commercial projects such as schools and hospitals.

Zanda offer their D Handle in a Stainless Steel and Satin Chrome finish.

The diameter is 10mm and it comes with a 34mm projection.

The handle comes in a variety of different lengths up to almost 600mm;

6520 – 76mm crs, 86mm o/a length,

6006 – 96mm crs, 106mm o/a length,

6100 – 128mm crs, 138mm o/a length,

6521 – 224mm crs, 234mm o/a length,

6522 – 320mm crs, 330mm o/a length,

6523 – 448mm crs, 458mm o/a length,

6524 – 512mm crs, 522mm o/a length,

If you have any further questions about this handle, feel free to contact us on 1300ZANDA1.