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SKU: 9325.BL/CP, 9325.BL/PB, 9325.BL/SN, 9325.BR/CP, 9325.BR/PB, 9325.BR/SN, 9325.PA.BL/CP, 9325.PA.BL/PB, 9325.PA.BL/SN, 9325.PA.BR/CP, 9325.PA.BR/PB, 9325.PA.BR/SN, 9325.PR.BL/CP, 9325.PR.BL/PB, 9325.PR.BL/SN, 9325.PR.BR/CP, 9325.PR.BR/PB, 9325.PR.BR/SN, 9325.E1.BL/CP, 9325.E1.BL/PB, 9325.E1.BL/SN, 9325.E1.BR/CP, 9325.E1.BR/PB, 9325.E1.BR/SN, 9325.E2.BL/CP, 9325.E2.BL/PB, 9325.E2.BL/SN, 9325.E2.BR/CP, 9325.E2.BR/PB, 9325.E2.BR/SN, 9325.E3.BL/CP, 9325.E3.BL/PB, 9325.E3.BL/SN, 9325.E3.BR/CP, 9325.E3.BR/PB, 9325.E3.BR/SN, 9325.E4.BL/CP, 9325.E4.BL/PB, 9325.E4.BL/SN, 9325.E4.BR/CP, 9325.E4.BR/PB, 9325.E4.BR/SN Categories: ,


The Stroud is available in Black or Brown Leather and in a choice of Satin Nickel, Polished Brass or Chrome Plate finishes.