Roller Lock Kits - Black

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1149, 1150 & 1157 Roller Lock Kits
These Roller Lock kits come complete with a lifetime warranty and are ideal with Pull Handles. The Roller Bolt is operated by a push or pull from either side (no lever handle required). It holds shut without locking which is ideal for going outside without being locked out and has a deadbolt for when secure locking is required. The roller strength is adjustable.

All kits include:

  • 1140 Roller Lock (57mm backset)
  • Escutcheon (Square or Round)
  • 70mm Euro Cylinder (Double or Single)

Also available in Satin Crome, Brushed Nickel, 316 Stainless Steel and Satin Brass


1149 – Round Roller Lock Kit, Includes 1140, 7020 & 1147 (70mm Key/Key), 1150 – Round Roller Lock Kit, includes 1148 Single Cylinder (70mm Key/Turn), 1157.1 – Square Roller Lock Kit, includes 1147 Double Cylinder (70mm Key/Key), 1157.2 – Square Roller Lock Kit, includes 1148 Single Cylinder (70mm Key/Turn)

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