Loreto Cabinet Handle

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We love the Loreto Designer Kitchen Cabinet Handle.

Featuring a Stainless Steel Bar with Brushed Nickel legs, this cabinet handle is at the forefront of kitchen design.

The curved bar on the handle makes for a very ergonomic handle and comfortable in the hand.

The Loreto is 10mm in width, and has a 38mm projection from the face of your cupboard.

It comes in a variety of different sizes right up to 724mm.

That’s right up to 724mm lengths.
Cabinet Handles are rarely available so long but they are great for pantry doors and long drawers.

The complete sizes are as follows (o/a stands for overall);

6074 – 128mm crs, 148mm o/a length,

6075 – 192mm crs, 212mm o/a length,

6076 – 320mm crs, 340mm o/a length,

6394 – 640mm crs, 660mm o/a length,

6395 – 704mm crs, 724mm o/a length,

Contact the willing Zanda team if you have any questions regarding the great Loreto Kitchen Handles.


128mm, 192mm, 320mm, 640mm, 704mm


148mm, 212mm, 340mm, 660mm, 724mm


Brushed Nickel

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