Door Magnets

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Now one of our biggest selling products, our Concealed Magnetic Catch Magnets are becoming a great substitute for a traditional roller bolt or door catch. These are incredibly quiet, completely concealed and much easier to install than a standard door catch.
We are also pleased to be offering these products now with the following extra components as an additional option (1180.PLS);
  1. Power adjustment packers increase magnetic holding strength by inserting power adjustment packers (inside housing, under magnet). Supplied in four sizes (0.5 3mm) for precise power adjustment.
  2. Stainless steel housing cup for easier installation and a tidier finish.
  3. Self Adhesive/Magnetic Cover Plate (Stainless Steel) – protects magnets from install damage and corrosion, furthermore it conceals the magnet and screw head for a more aesthetically appealing finish.