Graphite Nickel Range

Zanda Graphite Nickel Finish

We are excited to be showcasing our new door hardware finish – Graphite Nickel. It’s a new, and very popular development on what’s been the finish of choice for almost a decade now – brushed nickel.

Graphite Nickel fits into the middle of both Brushed Nickel and Matt Black – almost a Gun-metal grey style finish. It suits an industrial look but is also soft enough to work with more natural materials like timber. It has experienced a huge surge in popularity and is now at the forefront of interior design trends throughout Australia and the world. It’s a modern but timeless finish.

Our Graphite Nickel door hardware range includes door handles, entrance pull handles, sliding door hardware, kitchen cabinet handles, door stops, hinges and wide range of door accessories. Browse the Graphite Nickel range of door hardware below.

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