More than quality – an experience!

Wow at every touch point

Our core value is ‘wow at every touch point’. There are over 250 touch points in any business. In our business the most important one, of course, is the handle! Indeed, the door handle, one of the smallest of architectural elements, can exert the most powerful of impacts. Architecture is usually seen as an art expressed through space and light, as if it were somehow apart from our bodies. It is therefore our sense of touch which introduces us to the building. And it is the weight, solidity and texture of the handle which guides us across the threshold. It also gives us our first impression of the architecture. Like the building itself, the handle is not a static object but a small piece of sculpture which bears the traces and memories of use and the lives of those who have touched it.

Architectural integrity

Our commitment is to complement the fine art of architecture in everything we do. That is why Zanda’s exquisite range is designed ‘in house’ and manufactured to the highest standards of quality.  It is also why every one of our handle designs can be traced back to an architectural influence. Be it the toil of a Potenti, the genius of a Wittgenstein or the patience of a Gropious. The finest architectural traditions are seen in our handles one and all.

1927 to ‘wow’

The Zanda team prides itself on the quality, innovation and breadth of its range. That is why our products and services are designed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning of buyers. Renowned for excellence, the Zanda name is based on ethics that go back 90 years. Our parent company was founded in 1927 giving us vast experience. This has resulted in unparalleled customer care, a commitment to continuous improvement and also a strong sense of corporate integrity. That is why we stand behind our brand and are dedicated to ensuring that you will truly say ‘wow’!


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